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Variety of Great Features

This app is easy to use, and it has a variety of great features to make your iPad layout design more exciting. It would be even better if some of the features were animated.

Pimp my wallpaper.

I would like more money and pimp wallpapers please. Thank you for my app. I just started. Give me a holler. Give me a minute. See ya. JMN. 2018.

No longer works

Since I got my iPhone X, the app no longer works. When I open it, no backgrounds appear. Devs, please help!


100% waste of $2


I love this app but its frustrating when I have to sit and page through hundreds of pages trying to find the one I want! Free apps even have search capabilities! You have some categories but like try and find St Patricks Day paper! Your all smart I know this can be improved! Please improve and thats the only reason I wont give it a 5! Otherwise this would be one of my favorite apps for wallpaper!

Great app but ...

The app icon skins don’t fit the apps:( please fix this

My Screen is Pimped!

Why do I enjoy this app more than any game or anything else?! I just love showing people my pimped out screen, even if they don’t care!! Just pimping baby!!


Very nice....love it....such a wide variety of images....very, very nice


Muy buena me encanta, aveces un poquito lenta para cargar las imágenes. Espero sigan mejorando!! A+++

Great, but needs new App Shelves & Icon Skins.

Why did you retire Icon Skins and App Shelves in the menu? Now I have to get em in Home Screen Maker, but Id like more variety with those. Please add them to the menu again.

So close!!?

What I would like is a feature where you draw a wallpaper and you can save it

Needs more variety

Considering the fact this is a PAID app, it definitely needs much more variety. I hardly see new themes or backgrounds being added & am getting bored of the same old that’s currently available. The app interface is perfect and am happy with the quality of the backgrounds; but as stated above please add more material more frequently. The overall vibe is that of eating the same food every day. No one likes that.

Personalize Your Phone

This app has hundreds of gorgeous images - probably thousands, as I’ve never ran out of new choices. I bought it when I bought my first iPad years ago, and have never felt the need to buy anything else!


روعة اجمل برنامج للصور

Can no longer use any pictures from photo gallery

You can no longer use pictures from your photo gallery to make backgrounds including pictures saved from the App. They only partially cover the screen so you can’t apply skins, shelves, etc.. What happened?


Love the pics! Use as wallpaper all the time. Colorful and fun for my iPad.


Still the same “update”


So fun. Love changing my wallpaper every few days.


I NEVER write reviews or turn notifications on but I sooo do with my PIMPED! Ive had u forever even free at one time ! Then I somehow lost and had to $2 or something I WOULD PAY IT OVER AGAIN! Im a total wallpaper freak and ur apps definitely my favorite Grandmotha Of All Wallpaper apps! It makes my day smile a bit we I find out theres new ones waiting! always Exciting and different! & I am in NO WAY associated with the company or a family member of owner just truly a huge fan?❤️?❤️????????KISSES LOVE CHAD

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