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So fun. Love changing my wallpaper every few days.


I NEVER write reviews or turn notifications on but I sooo do with my PIMPED! Ive had u forever even free at one time ! Then I somehow lost and had to $2 or something I WOULD PAY IT OVER AGAIN! Im a total wallpaper freak and ur apps definitely my favorite Grandmotha Of All Wallpaper apps! It makes my day smile a bit we I find out theres new ones waiting! always Exciting and different! & I am in NO WAY associated with the company or a family member of owner just truly a huge fan?❤️?❤️????????KISSES LOVE CHAD

Great wallpaper/customization app but…

To add to this I felt the need to also state that more often than not Ive seen wallpapers presented as new, but they have been released before. So its obvious that this app is recycling old wallpapers and claiming that they are new. My proof? The robotic lion head was a wallpaper that I saved on my iPhone 5. Which I havent used in 3 years and its now in the new category as of today on my iPhone 6+ and iPad Air Feb/15/2018 20:14 EST. SHAME ON YOU!! Really needs to put the lock/wallpaper customize options in categories! The having to swipe through everything just to get to one you may like is almost unbearable! For example its not a major holiday but I have to swipe through all christmas/holloween etc, to get to standard frames for lockscreen and having to wait till it loads is really frustrating!

I loved it

I’ve been using this app since iPhone 4 days and i’ve always loved it so mush ❤️ They provide you the best quality and unique wallpapers.




Shelves do not align with iPhone X apps please fix. When fixed this app will get give starts from me

ارسل يلد?

جميع الصور جميله وبدقة عالية

What the heck?

No directions unable to use don’t buy no way to get to customer service either!?

Great app

Love it, great app!!

Best wallpaper ever!

I love the variety and beautiful images they have, and they change it up, so it always has something new to see!

Slow and not as good as it use to be

Very slow and limited amount of creative wallpapers

Such a great app!

This is about the best app you’re gonna get for great background pics on you phone! You can spend hours playing around with this app, what can I say except just great! Thank you for this wonderful app


Really like what I have seen so far in this app. Thanks

Calendar frames

Can we please update the calendars to have a Sunday start?

Pimp your screen

Don’t work good with iPad waste of money do not recommend!

does this actually do anything more than free app?

On an iphone X didnt see anything this app did different from the free app. Additionally, app store said it wasnt eligible for refund and Apalon said they cant refund because they dont have access to account information in the app store. Huh?

Best one out there

Out of all the different home screen creating apps I’ve used this is the best. I have downloaded and tried most of them. This one is definitely worth the money!


Omgsh!! This app is the bomb! Ive been struggling for days to find one that can "pimp-up" my boring iPhone screens. I downloaded several other apps & ended up deleting them out of frustration within 15 min of trying. So I was skeptical, to say the least, about trying any more. But within 15 min of using this app, I had a brand new home screen! Not only does it offer so many awesome options with a great variety, but it was soooo user friendly! Yeah, I DEFINITELY give this app 5 stars and HIGHLY recommend it!


Best App!Love it!

Very nice


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